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wind gusts have head. it is expected to make landfall around atlantic city, new jersey. the resort town reporting heavy damage to the boardwalk there. the casinos are closed for the fourth time in history that that has ever happened. heading up the coastline to point pleasant beach, another popular tourist destination along the jersey shore. today it is evacuated. look at the live pictures. the wind starting to pick up, you can see the surf for yourselves. that is still about 90 minutes away. further north to new york city in battery park, that is at the southern tip of manhattan where john was, one of the lowest points in the city. the rain is starting to pick up. the promenade -- live pictures. you can see the statue of liberty very vaguely. there she is. but, not where you would normally see people riding their bikes, walking their dogs, expected to be swallowed by a wall of water 6 feet high. we have a dozen reporters stationed along the coastline. we will begin with janice dean who will start us off with a big picture. reporter: 60 million people. the angle of the storm is going to
towns to get slammed and that is ocean city maryland, steve harrigan streaming live to us from there. steve. >> reporter: we are in chrisfield maryland one of the hardest hit towns, it's right on the bay. we have been watching rescue operations throughout the day. the rain is coming down. floodwater tph-s three to four he town and many people trying to get out. yesterday the first responders were working by boat, today they are working by vehicle. we've seen a lot of national guard, sheriff's and fire departments out in humvees. people have been calling them to get them out of their houses. we've seen a number of elderly couples, as well as mothers with young children. they are scared, they are cold, they don't have electricity, and they are asking for help. we've seen them carried out really by hand, by these firefighters, many of whom have been working the past 24 hours. one fire tkhaoef told me we ar chief told me we are not getting paid for this but it's a privilege to serve. we have seen them break up the towns in grids going door to door banging on doors and pulling out people
. that includes long branch, 50 miles south of new york city. right now you're looking at a swimming pool, standby, full of debris from a building torn to shreds by wind and water. the sand stripped away and piled in the streets exposing beach heeds. we go south to spring lake, new jersey. that town is over 100 years old. a lot of folks go for vacation and the weekend that kind of thing. the longest portion of the boardwalk in the state of new jersey. you can see the remnants of it at the water line, the pounding surf tore off each and every board. further down the coastline there is total destruction in the beach community of seaside heights, home of an iconic amusement park, and now look at it. something about these images, something about the roller coaster, the ferris wheel in the ocean, it's just wrong. for generations families have spent their summers here, trace gallagher records on what happened in seaside heights in moments. but now we're going to go to another community that took sandy straight on and that is the town of manaskon new jersey, as officials go door to door look for people t
and to the north, the important part is where that patriot missile battle is in the city of haifa. over the land border or by the sea. lebanon television, which is based by hezbollah and supported by hezbollah, said that the iranian group is behind it. but they are saying it shows the weaknesses of the israeli air defensive and also, israel, as we know, they are ruling out that air defense system in case there is any more drones coming its way. back to you. megyn: thank you. disturbing comments today from the former head of security at the american consulate in benghazi. that may vindicate governor romney's reaction to the attack and the loss of life of ambassador christopher stevens. also, we will show you how an obscure supreme court case could change the rules on everything from garage sales to craigslist. and president obama has been telling the country that the map does not add up for governor romney's plan for adding more jobs. but a top economics professor, upon whom the president has been relying for his attacks, says that the president is not signing him correctly. he says that he has c
-profile disasters. >> when 9/11 happened in new york city, they said this is too serious a problem, we can't expect new york city to rebuild on its own. forget that dollar you've got to put in, here's $10. and that was the right ting to do. thing to do. when hurricane andrew struck in florida, people said look at this devastation. we don't expect you to come up with your own money here. here's the money to rebuild. we're not going to wait for you to scratch it together. because you're part of the american family. what's happening down in new orleans? where's your dollar? where's your stafford act money? makes no sense. tells me the bullet hasn't been taken out. prison concern. [applause] tells me that somehow the people down in new orleans, they don't care about as much. >> reporter: then there's the issue with the reverend jeremiah wright who was the obamas' pastor in chicago and became a lightning rod in the 2008 campaign when it was revealed he said the u.s. brought the 9/11 attacks upon itself among other comments. at this event then-senator obama expressed pride in reverend wright. >> i've got
that city. part of the broader effort by the al-qaeda affiliate to establish an islamic state in eastern libya. what do you think al-qaeda looks like today, especially in north africasome. >> it's much stronger, it's spreading out. it's sort of running across the map of northern africa, what they call the maghreb, the northern countries and libya. there are franchise activities springing up with different names, and they constantly are changing the names. they basically are part of this loosely-affiliated network. there's a lot of money in it, there is a lot of dedication and commitment in it. >> reporter: the chair of the powerful senate intelligence committee, dianne feinstein, says it was probably a mistake for director p clapper to put out those talking points initially after the attack. i have asked the dni what their can confidence level was on the video, that's a pretty standard point in an assessment. megyn, he was not explained to me whether it was high or whether it was low. and just as a final point in that timeline, i think september 17th was really a critical date. that was
that even fbi agents, our most elite investigative personnel, cannot safely enter the city? what has led to such a precipitous decline? twenty days the fbi is in libya, the fbi, megyn, is not in benghazi. megyn: trace, thank you. >>> well, the president's team fielding tough new questions over the weekend about whether president obama should have chosen to campaign the day we learned -- we, the american people -- learned that terrorists add attacked and killed four americans including our ambassador and our consulate in libya. >> was it ip appropriate for him to go to a fundraiser the day after this attack? now in retrospect knowing that it was a terrorist attack, inappropriate for him to engage in politics as usual? megyn: we will debate the answer from chief adviser david plouffe ahead, fair and can balanced. >>> then, growing outrage over a suggestion to use your federal money to bail out states in trouble. there are [ male announcer ] at scottrade, we believe the more you know, the better you trade. so we have ongoing webinars and interactive learning, plus, in-branch seminars at ove
it circling back towards the east coast and making landfall near new york city around halloween. just in time to meet up with a blast of cold air, and become a powerful nor'easter. do you remember this? we got snow, but the trees can handle at this early, they have the least on them. we will update you on this in just a bit. a few minutes ago we told you about this new interview that the president gave rolling stone magazine. the executive editor reporting that he told the president that his six-year-old child supports president obama. the president reportedly told him in response that kids have good instincts. they look at the other guy and say that is a "bs-er." that is my own cleanup version. he goes onto say that he can tell. simon rosenberg, president and founder of think tank organization and former adviser to president clinton, and mark easton, a fellow at the cato institute. i know people talk like this about things behind closed doors. i am not dramatically from the president of the united states. this isn't battleship president, governor romney, and oh, he is a "bs-er." he said that
cities outbreak or anything like that or that i needed to take precautions or if i had any kind of symptoms to notify them or whatever. >> reporter: he knows now. but here is an equally big concern. these steroids were whipped up at a compounding pharmacy in massachusetts. that pharmacy has been shut down for the time being. there are 7,500 of these compounding pharmacies and unlike drug manufacturers the fda does not approve these drugs. what happens is you have these drugs that are mixed up. they are broking down to fill the void of drugs around the country and in recent years five of these mixtures have been contaminated and led to sickness and fatalities in some cases. so what you have is this push to try and get these places better regulated or at least some oversight. i think that's what's going to happen in the next step. the one in massachusetts shutdown. others are getting much closer scrutiny. megyn: these poor folks trying to help their pain and winding up with meningitis. if you could look at the political headlines from the last 24 hours would you see a quickly chan
. they see president obama and new york city the same day benjamin netanyahu, instead of meeting with them, he goes on a daily talk show. >> leland vittert is live with reaction. >> megyn, this is the first time that such a topic has played a part in presidential elections in modern history. the presidents office would not comment on or off duty cut today. great annoyance was shown with the president of the united states and the president not allowing media to take place between benjamin netanyahu and the president. we saw the president having to defend his administration and keeping up with his friendship with israel. >> the president has met with a me maybe a dozen times. he has spoken to benjamin netanyahu as much as he had spoken to anybody. ink theel has no qualms over the administration is doing enough about iran's nuclear program. they think that the sanctions, which the president of the united states wants to give him more time, is not enough, and that is the point that prime minister netanyahu made when he famously threw the red line on that diagram of a bomb. privately, however,
tend to be liberal too, i mean that is just the nature of new york city. more and more you see folks coming out with op eds or antidote tally talking about obamacare when you go for your visits whatever it is. you tell me what your impression is talking, you're in the industry, you're a very highly respected doctors. what is the buzz on obamacare among the doctors. >> the buzz is that people can't sustain private practice and continue to take this kind of insurance, either they become cash only, or they join large hospital groups, a big umbrella like langcom medical center. unless you're in a group where you have access to a major medical university medical center you may be left out in the rain. in rural areas of this country people get care by network doctors if private practice. this law makes it very difficult for doctors to function that way. megyn: it seems that is a trend we were seeing before where more and more doctors were going to a cash only office where they used to take insurance and new they don't and now it's like if you want to see these great doctors you better prao
. the city of l'aquila was having swarms of earthquakes. the lead geologist said it is unlikely that an earthquake like the one in 1703 could occur in the short term. but the possibility cannot be totally exclude. 7 days later they were hit with a 7.3 magnitude quake. they were put on trial with a judge and no jury. the families of those killed got to testify against them. the lead scientist said i'm dejected. desperate. i thought i had been acquitted. i still don't understand way was convicted of. the case is automatically appealed so they won't go to jail right away. some say this is the worst miscarriage of justice since galileo was convicted for saying the earth revolved around the sun. megyn: president obama promising to get those responsible for the death of four americans in libya and bring them to justice. gregg palkot tracked down the accused ring leader without too much trouble. and the "new york times" found him sipping a raspberry frappe in a cafe. many journalists thought it was one of the best lines in the debate. bla [ female announcer ] beef, meet flavor boost. f
, california salary scandal where city workers took home he norm is and unjustified pay checks in some cases. the police chief was raking in over $400,000 a year. we reported a couple weeks ago how adams had gone to court arguing his employment deal entitled him to double his pension to a half million a year but a judge resumed against him saying the city council never approved his extravagant contract. he gets to continue collecting his $240,000 pension. making him one of the highest paid people in the california public employee retirement system. a child sex i because scandal. involving a popular children's tv star in britain. he died last year and claims of a coverup by the bbc are raising concerns across the pond and at home. >> reporter: the bbc is turned by public money and is now having a huge problem with public trust. the allegation is the bbc tried to cover up a sexual abuse scandal involving jimmy savile. he was knighted by the queen and hailed as a hero. he helped kids achieve their dreams. the allegation is savile sexual limo lefted kids, mostly young girls as young as 12 years
is the security? my pam building in new york city had more security than that ambassador had. so what went wrong? why was the intelligence not recognized and acted upon? and the third thing is, has this been a major fail your of policy? i was in the white house during watergate, and i saw in the nix sob administration -- nixon administration how this all falls out. the white house is trying to blame everybody. remember, they were blaming the movie, then, well, it's the intelligence community. i think they're now going to start blaming the state d.. megyn: really? >> the career intelligence officers are going to start leaking. that's why you're seeing all of these little cables that are coming out, every day there's a little bit more -- megyn: including today, i want to add to that and correct myself, the information breaking today that a state department officer reportedly told folks on capitol hill there had been 13 threats on that consulate during the six months before -- i think we said 13 attacks before, which wasn't right. >> yeah. that's exactly what's happening. the career bureaucrats kno
to save her life there. >>> look at this picture. a teacher is suing new york city for injuries he claimed he received from this 6-year-old boy. he said the little tyke gave him such a beat down that the teacher needs emotional therapy. >> it happened. i was not pretty much able to defend myself. if i did i would have lost both my teaching certifications. we are the house when it comes to the big game. yeah. it's his thing. i don't even participate. boom! here it comes! bring it back! bring it home! [ male announcer ] when you combine creamy velveeta with zesty rotel tomatoes and green chilies, you get a bowl of queso that makes even this get-together better. you get a bowl of queso sometimes life can be well, a little uncomfortable. but when it's hard or hurts to go to the bathroom, there's dulcolax stool softener. dulcolax stool softener doesn't make you go, it just makes it easier to go. dulcolax stool softener. make yourself comfortable. megyn: a pakistani teenager shot in the head last week took what they hope is main major step toward recovery. this girl started publicly defying the
of your hair. no one cared. i moved away to another city, another school. six months go by, people are still posting pictures. they are posting pictures of the bleach, and going on and on saying she should try a different brand of bleach, i hope she dies this time and isn't she so stupid. it's just a matter for society to try to correct these kids. >> it's a matter of parents. we see anonymity of the internet. when we were kids the beating took place in the schoolyard. he would take to you john's house, ring the bell and daughter to father and son to son would figure it out. that doesn't happen any more because the kid doesn't come home bloody. the bloodiness is happening in their hearts and souls. megyn: i want to pick up on that after the break and i want to talk about the schools that are supposed to be all over this anti-bullying stuff. megyn: she puts on this video september 7. every day i think why am i still here. i'm stuck. what's left of me now. nothing stops. i have nobody. i need someone. my name is amanda todd. and a month later she is dead. arthur, is the school potent
. don't you remember when they were going to bring them to new york city? mayor bloomberg was opposed to it, the police commissioner was a -- was opposed to it. it would be a mistake. alisyn: congressman frank wolf, thanks so much for bringing this to our attention. >> thank you. alisyn: to afghanistan now where we have some questions about the lack of military voter assistance ahead of the election. but first, colonel oliver north wants to share with us an amazing experience he had out on patrol just this morning. colonel north? we understand there's a little delay in our signal, but, please, tell us what happened. >> reporter: we have been out on operations with afghan and u.s. special operations troops, here is just some of what took place this morning on operation new recovery. we were on a brief inspection of this tiny bazaar that's only been open for less than a year when one of the outposts that we were at yesterday was hit. they're under attack right now, an ied apparently detonated beneath one of the afghan national police vehicles. they need help, and help's on the way. >> w
Search Results 0 to 33 of about 34 (some duplicates have been removed)